Pets, HVAC and Air Quality: Vacuuming, HVAC Maintenance

May 10, 2022

pets HVAC air quality vacuuming

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the simplest air quality and HVAC tips out there for those who have pets in their homes. Dogs, cats and other fur-balls can be some of our best friends and companions, but they can also introduce a few additional considerations to how […]

Pets, HVAC and Air Quality: Brushing and Filter Tips for Tempe Clients

April 12, 2022

pets HVAC air quality filter

We all love the pets we keep in our homes and the joy they bring us, but there are just a few minor accommodations we have to make for many of them — a slight drop in air quality sometimes being one of them. Particularly if your home has anyone with allergies or asthma, but […]

Risks of Not Upgrading an Older AC Unit

March 8, 2022

risks not upgrading AC

As the weather turns back to the warm direction and we move toward the hot Arizona summer, home and building owners throughout Tempe and the rest of the state will be considering their air conditioner units and their quality. If you’re using an older AC unit, there’s a chance this time of year may be […]