Preventive HVAC Maintenance: Common Steps to Know

October 12, 2021

preventive HVAC maintenance steps

When it comes to your home’s HVAC system (and other similar systems), there are two general forms of care: Preventive and reactive. And while one can never entirely predict the future, and therefore the latter can’t be entirely eliminated even with the greatest care, one of the primary goals of professional HVAC experts is to […]

Preparing Tempe HVAC System for Fall Season

September 14, 2021

preparing HVAC system fall

Fall is considered a transitional season by many home and building owners, one that’s ideal for relieving any major stress that was on systems during the summer while preparing them for the very different challenges that come during the winter. One area that’s a perfect example here is HVAC — your system uses completely different […]

Understanding Refrigerant in Your AC Unit

August 10, 2021

understanding refrigerant AC unit

There are several components or elements that play a role in air conditioner operations, and one of the most important is refrigerant. Responsible for actually pulling warm air out of the home and replacing it with cool air, refrigerant is stored in your outdoor AC unit — but if this unit and the rest of […]