Important HVAC Refrigerant Changes in 2024

February 13, 2024

HVAC Refrigerant

The HVAC industry goes through regular changes across periods of years and decades, many of which are meant to address changing technology, environmental needs and related factors. One common example here, and one that is seeing some major changes here in 2024, is the realm of HVAC refrigerant. At Accurate Air, we’re here to assist […]

Winter Air Quality Risks to Be Aware Of

January 9, 2024

Winter Air Quality Risks to Be Aware Of

While most homeowners are familiar with changing heating or cooling needs that come with the varying seasons of the year, including the use of furnaces and other heating products during the current winter, the realm of air quality sometimes goes under the radar here. It’s important to realize that seasonal changes can also impact your […]

Possible Signs of Furnace Flame Sensor Issues

December 12, 2023

signs furnace flame sensor issues

There are a few components that play an important role in the operations of any HVAC system, and the realm of sensors cannot be ignored. There are a couple different sensors that will require immediate attention if they’re experiencing problems, and a great example within your furnace as we hit the winter months is known […]