Why HVAC Installations Should be Left to Professionals

hvac installations left professionals

If you’re a reasonably handy homeowner, you may be wondering whether you should skip professional installation of an HVAC component like a furnace or an air conditioner. As professionals in the field, we’re here to give you a fairly universal piece of advice: If you don’t have specific professional training like our HVAC pros do, this is a bad idea.

At Accurate Air, we’re proud to provide a wide variety of air conditioning and heating services for all our clients, including sales and installation of any new components your home requires. Our installations are simple and affordable, and offer several major benefits over attempting this sort of detailed, complex job without the proper training. Here are a few of the specific reasons why it pays to hire professionals for your HVAC installation, whether we’re talking heating or cooling.

Prior System Removal

Firstly, our pros will attend to the removal of any prior fixtures in your system. This is a more complex job than you might think, and one that often derails DIY projects here before they even really get started.

This job is nowhere near as simple as taking your previous heater or AC unit and tossing it in the trash. There are several specific components that need to be properly disconnected or disposed of, including refrigerant in air conditioners that might be hazardous if it’s not disposed of properly. It’s simply very rare for those without HVAC training to know how to perform each of these tasks safely and effectively, which is why you should leave them to our team.

New Connections and Components

Once we’ve moved out the old system safely, we’ll bring in the new one and ensure that all connections and components are proper. Once again, this is a more complex job than simply screwing in a couple screws and calling it a day – we might have to shift your air ducts in some cases, for instance, or perform work on various electrical components that are very dangerous if you don’t have the proper training.

Testing and Modifying

Finally, we won’t simply leave you with a new HVAC component and walk out the door. Rather, we’ll perform several tests on the new system we’ve installed for you, ensuring it works properly and is providing the right levels of air to every area of the home – tests that, once again, are not likely to be familiar to those without our level of training. We’ll check intake, airflow, safety areas and more.

And if there are any problems here, these are easily modified before we leave. We’ll leave you with a fully functional, highly efficient HVAC system that will keep you and your family comfortable.

For more on why it pays to hire professionals for any HVAC installation, or to learn about any of our HVAC contractor services, speak to the staff at Accurate Air today.

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