Repair or Replace?

Sometimes, it makes sense to repair your equipment as opposed to replacing it.  But will a repair be all you need to keep your equipment running, or will it just serve as a quick fix and leave you sweating in front of the fan within a few days?

The reason for either solution can vary–let us help you make the right decision to keep you and your family comfortable!

Repair your system if:

  • If it’s still under warranty.
  • A regularly maintained system under 10 years with no major repair history.
  • A regularly maintenanced system over 10 years with no major repair history.
  • If you have a good or high efficiency system with no major repair history.
  • Good operating condition, low utility bills and you are under budget constraints.

Replace your system if:

  • If over 10 years, consider a replacement or at least the budget for an energy efficient system.
  • Any system underperforming in terms of efficiency due to age and deterioration should be considered for replacement.
  • Any system that hasn’t been properly maintained and/or with no major repair history should be considered for replacement.
  • Systems that encounter major component failure should always be considered for replacement.
  • Air conditioning systems with R-22 refrigerant should be considered for replacement because of the EPA’s ruling to stop production of the ozone depleting chemical.

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