Air Conditioning Repair In Tempe, Arizona

Homeowners and businesses in Tempe know how important it is to have a working air conditioning unit, especially in the hottest summer months where temperatures often remain in the triple digits for several days or weeks. Without a working AC unit, things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Some of the more extreme heatwaves can even be dangerous.

Unfortunately, the hot summer months when you are using your AC more are also the time when you’re most likely to need AC repairs. That’s where the professionals at Accurate Air come in. Our experienced technicians are available to help with a wide range of air conditioning repairs in Tempe on all types of AC units. We have extensive knowledge of all the major AC brands and what is required to keep them in working order. We offer scheduled service as well as emergency repairs.

Getting Repairs Right the First Time

Suffering through several days or even weeks with a broken air conditioner is nobody’s idea of a good time. Our trained HVAC contractors are available to quickly diagnose and address the issues you are experiencing when your AC isn’t working. We’ll get cool, comfortable air flowing again as soon as possible. We carry a large stock of common parts to ensure speedy repairs. Our air conditioning repair skills ensure that we do the job right the first time.

man repairing HVAC unit
Man with mask repairing ceiling AC unit

Safe and Effective AC Repair Services

Because of the complex nature of an HVAC system, homeowners should never try to repair their own AC units. Hiring an experienced HVAC contractor is important to protect not only your air conditioning unit but also yourself. We have the training and skills to quickly figure out what is happening with your unit and make the correct repairs right away. We also have the tools to conduct repairs immediately — specialized tools that even the most enthusiastic DIYer is unlikely to have, such as high-pressure vacuums to clean inside the unit or antimicrobial solution to protect against mold and bacteria. Getting service from us means no wasted time and no risk of injury to you or your home.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

It’s always best to get regular maintenance on your AC unit, but sometimes your air conditioning will break anyway. Usually, it’s at the most inconvenient times, which is why our team of experts is available on short notice when you need emergency repairs. Contact us day or night when your AC breaks, and we’ll be there to get it working for you again.

Schedule your AC repairs in Tempe today by contacting Accurate Air.