AC Tune-ups

Having your AC checked before the extreme temperatures is somewhat similar to taking a long trip in your car.  Most of us, before we begin to drive cross country, schedule a time to have our car tuned-up, get the oil changed and inspect and/or rotate the tires.  We want our car to be running it’s best for a long trip.  Maintaining your AC for the summer months is much the same as preparing your car for a long trip.  Our extreme temperatures over a long period creates very heavy use on your air conditioner.

Almost every AC company offers some sort of seasonal “tune-up or maintenance,” to ensure your system is performing correctly.  These check-ups are an overall inspection of your system and include many steps to complete.

Over the last few years, many contractors are advertising as high as 120-pt. check-ups while others advertise 20-pt. checks.  Often times, the higher the “points,” will result in a higher the price for the service.

At Accurate Air, we follow the recommended checklist from the Arizona Heat Pump Council.  The HPC list is 20 points.  Understand, it takes many steps to complete one of these generalized twenty points.  If we broke down each of the steps it takes to accomplish all 20-pts. on the list, we could advertise a check-up that had over 150 points.  Many AC companies do exactly this, which makes the customer believe they are getting more from them than from other company.  And, in turn, because the customer feels they are getting more, then they are very willing to pay more.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the customer is receiving the same service for a much higher cost.

Accurate Air was founded in 1965 on the principle of honest business.  We still maintain that foundation today.  We have never, or never will, mislead or deceive our customers.  In other words, our 20-pt. seasonal tune-up is a complete inspection of your system for a fair price.

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