Value of a Smart Thermostat for Your Home

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As the world around us becomes more modern, many areas of our lives can benefit from a bit of added technology. One great example here, for a component most of us interact with on a daily basis, is making the move from prior versions of your home’s thermostat up to a contemporary smart thermostat product.

At Accurate Air, we’re happy to offer a wide range of heating and air conditioning maintenance, tune-up, repair and even installation services, and we assist our clients with thermostat-related needs all the time. If you’re on the fence about upgrading your thermostat to a smart model, there are several major benefits to consider that might help push you over the top. Here are some of the key areas of value added by a smart thermostat to any home.

Simple Convenience

First and foremost, a smart thermostat is going to make your life easier. Instead of needing to continually adjust the temperature manually, you can simply set a schedule for your home’s heating and cooling system that relies on preset limits (for those times when no one is home, for instance), and then program in comfort settings for different events or time periods.

For example, if you know that you’ll be spending an extended period of time away from the home on a given day, or at least not using your living areas while asleep in the evening, you can set your thermostat to run with reduced temperatures during those times (with varying degrees of comfort depending on what you feel is appropriate). It’s also easy to set a schedule that automatically adjusts the temperature throughout the day so you don’t need to make changes manually, ensuring optimal levels of comfort and efficiency even without you taking any action whatsoever.

Cost Savings

While it’s true that you will need to make an initial investment in a new smart thermostat, there are a few factors on the other side of this coin to consider. For one, we’re already at the point where smart thermostats have dropped significantly in cost — these are no longer a novelty, and rather have become a regular part of the modern home.

And second, you will likely save significant amounts of money over time thanks to the ease with which your system can be adjusted. That’s because using a smart thermostat means that you can use less energy for heating and cooling on any given day than prior models would have required — simply because your adjustments are made automatically and on a more regular basis, rather than having to wait until the weather changes on its own.

Added Features and Functionality

Smart thermostats also tend to offer additional features and functionality that add even further value and convenience when it comes to managing your heating and cooling. With some models, you can even monitor your home’s energy usage from your smartphone or other connected device, which can prove very useful for monitoring and adjusting usage over time.

In other cases, these thermostats come with integrated sensors that can help detect extreme temperature swings or other signs of trouble with your heating and cooling system, allowing you to take action before a problem becomes pronounced. Whether it’s the basic comfort features of saving you time and money, or the more advanced functionality of monitoring energy usage from afar, there are plenty of reasons to make the move from an older thermostat to a smart one.

Looking Great

From an aesthetic standpoint, a smart thermostat can make your home look more modern and sophisticated, as well. While this may not be a major factor in your decision to upgrade, it’s certainly one thing that many homeowners find adds an extra bit of value to the investment.

For instance, many of today’s smart thermostats are designed with a large touchscreen control panel, which gives them the appearance of an advanced gadget or other device you might use on a regular basis. This can be a welcome change from the older models that often simply had buttons and dials to adjust settings.

Environmental Friendliness

For those among us who are interested in maintaining sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, smart home technology can help out here as well. Different models of smart thermostats may include features that allow you to power them using solar energy or other renewable resources, and many also boast a zero-VOC certification from third parties like Greenguard, which ensures they are produced without the use of harmful chemicals in their construction.

Furthermore, many of the money-saving themes we went over above also double as eco-friendly features, as they can help you save on your monthly power costs. While these factors may not be the sole reason for purchasing a smart thermostat, they can certainly strengthen your case and add another level of appeal to making this change.

Whether it’s for saving money, time, or the environment, there are plenty of great reasons to upgrade to a smart thermostat in today’s world. And with all of the great options currently on the market, you’re sure to find one that can deliver all of these benefits and more for your home.

For more on this, or to learn about any of the other multitude of heating and air conditioning services we can offer to clients, contact our team at Accurate Air at your nearest convenience. We’re standing by to take your call!

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