Truth About R-22

As many of you have probably heard, beginning on January 1, 2020, the production of R-22 refrigerant will cease, because it has been found to damage our ozone layer.  This information has caused a great deal of confusion for homeowners who own an air conditioning system that still uses the R-22 refrigerant.  We’d like to clear a little of this confusion for you.

We have become aware of many “scare tactics” being used within our industry to frighten customers into immediately replacing their old systems.  This isn’t as dire as some make it out to be.  Understand, the production of R-22 will end as of the first of the year.  However, R-22 will still be available, as well as, some alternate refrigerants.

It’s important to understand, R-22 systems will still be serviceable after 2020.  However, the cost to service the refrigerant portion of those systems will greatly increase as the reserve of R-22 begins to deplete.

Obviously, at some point, replacement of a R-22 system may be wiser than repairing.  But there is no need to panic right now.

If your system uses R-22 and you’d like to discuss the pros and cons of replacing or repairing it, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options with you.  And, remember, our installation estimates are always FREE.

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