Possible Reasons for Ice on the AC Unit

June 7, 2023

reasons ice AC unit

There are a few things you might see around your HVAC system this spring or summer that would seem pretty unusual, and a top example here is the presence of ice on your AC unit or the various coils attached to it. It’s the middle of the hottest parts of the year, you might be […]

How Spring Maintenance Extends AC Lifespan

May 9, 2023

spring maintenance extends AC lifespan

We all want to get the most out of various components around our homes, and HVAC fixtures like the air conditioner are some of the top examples here due to how often they run and how significant a role they play in our comfort. There are several things you can do to maximize the lifespan […]

Choosing the Best HVAC System for a Mobile Home

April 11, 2023

choosing HVAC mobile home

We all need some basic heating and air features in the structures we live in, and that extends even to people who live in less traditional dwellings. A great example: Those who utilize mobile homes, whether temporarily or permanently, and are looking for ideal HVAC solutions to stay comfortable. At Accurate Air, we’re proud to […]