It’s Important to Change or Clean Your Air Filters

November 30, 2018

Air filters are often an underappreciated part of your HVAC system.  It seems filters are such a small part of the system that we sometimes don’t realize how important they are.  Everyone knows filters catch pollen and dust that could circulate throughout your home, lowering indoor air quality.  But a clogged filter can turn against you.  […]

Energy-saving tips

August 29, 2018

***Air conditioning can account for 50% or more of your electric bill.  Here are some tips to increase energy efficiency and save money: ***Leave most of the air vents open in your home.  Closing the vents in more than 10% of the total air conditioned space creates a pressure imbalance and reduces the effectiveness of […]

Water is Leaking from my Ceiling!

June 1, 2018