The Importance of Regular Maintenance on your A/C

When it’s 100 degrees outside, nothing feels nicer than coming home to a cool home.  Unfortunately, we often never think about our AC until it quits working!  Your AC loses around 5% of its efficiency for each year that it runs.  Over time, components weaken and break down.  Without routine maintenance, you could end up with a major repair bill or even have to replace the entire system.  Giving your AC a little care once or twice a year is important and could save you hundreds of dollars and many headaches.

We are all aware of how high our power bills can get during our hot summers.  An AC will pull more and more power each year that it goes without maintenance.  Even an energy-efficient unit will increase our utility bills without proper maintenance.

The fact is, it costs much more to repair an AC than to maintain it.  Regular maintenance significantly decreases the chances of a breakdown.  Don’t be confused by offers that boast a 60 or higher “point” check up for your AC.  All reliable AC contractors should follow the guidelines of the AZ Heat Pump Council when performing routine maintenance on your system.  The AZ Heat Pump Council recommendations specifically identify a 20-point checklist.  Each “point,” however, has many components and steps.  If each of those steps are broken down into specifics, the “points” could appear very exaggerated and misleading.  Reliable AC contractors will perform exactly what needs to be done to assure your system is working the best it can without padding the “points.”

Finally, systems that are under a manufacturer’s warranty will require routine maintenance to maintain the warranty.  Many people do not realize that failure to regularly maintain their AC could result in voiding the warranty.

Remember one of the easiest and least expensive preventative maintenance practices you can do is simply changing or washing your filters regularly.  We recommend changing or washing your filters every month during the summer and every other month during the winter months.  Our monsoons can clog filters quickly, so we suggest closely monitoring your filters during that season.  Clean filters are vital to the efficiency of an AC.

To make life easier for our customers, we offer a Planned Service Agreement (PSA) that provides two seasonal maintenance checks, along with many other benefits.  Call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of our PSA.

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