HVAC Duct Upkeep In Between Professional Cleanings

HVAC duct upkeep cleanings

There are a number of important components in any home HVAC system, and one that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention in certain homes is your duct setup. Ducts are responsible for pushing air throughout the home and keeping it evenly distributed, but issues that arise with ducts over time, such as leaks, dirt buildups and others, may limit the effectiveness of ducts or lead to issues like temperature loss and an inefficient system if they are not properly controlled.

At Accurate Air, we’re here to help. We offer comprehensive duct cleaning services for all our clients, providing professional duct cleaning methods that clean out your entire system, even hard-to-reach areas. Not only will these keep your ducts clean and your air flowing optimally, they will also improve air quality and keep your home healthy. However, in addition to professional duct cleaning, which only needs to be done periodically, here are some basic recommendations we make to clients in terms of keeping their ducts clean and working properly.

Filter Needs

First and foremost, your air filter and your ducts are directly connected. It’s the job of the filter to catch contaminants and other particles that you don’t want making their way into your air – this happens before the air enters the duct system to be moved into one of the rooms in your home.

If your filter is not regularly changed or cleaned, however, this will impact the ducts. Dirtier air will be funneled into them, for one, plus less overall air will pass through a clogged filter than a clear one. Filters should be changed at least as often as recommended by the manufacturer, if not slightly more often if you have pets in your home that may clog the filters faster through shedding.

Dust Considerations

Another potential issue for ducts is dust buildups, which are only a problem if they reach high levels. To stop this from happening, take regular steps like sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets and otherwise reducing the dust content in your home.


All vents in your home should be kept open at all times, even if there are certain rooms you don’t spend much time in. Your duct system is set up to provide air equally to all areas of the home – if certain vents are closed, this will not be able to happen, and the system may deal with backups or short-cycling issues that damage not only the ducts themselves, but also other HVAC components.

Purifier Addition

Finally, for those who have had duct contamination issues in the past, you might consider investing in a home air purifier. There are several different options here, so speak to our team about which is best for your home.

For more on how to keep your ducts in good shape in between duct cleaning appointments, or to learn about any of our HVAC services, speak to the staff at Accurate Air today.

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