Holiday Decoration HVAC Themes to Consider

holiday decoration HVAC themes

It’s December, and that means it’s holiday season! For those who celebrate in any format, whether on their own or with family and friends in the home, you want to ensure you’re warm and comfortable at all times — and properly utilizing your HVAC system is a major tool at your disposal here.

At Accurate Air, we’re happy to offer a wide range of HVAC services throughout Tempe, including heating maintenance, repairs, replacements and more. We’ve helped numerous homeowners keep their homes comfortable throughout the long winter, including those preparing for the holidays. Either on your own or with the assistance of our pros, here are some basic tips on how to ensure your home is prepared HVAC-wise for the holidays.

Air Filter Changes

Air filters are important for your HVAC system all year long, but particularly during the winter months, when more dust and other contaminants are in the air. These particles get trapped within your system, causing it to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Be sure to change filters every one-to-three months for optimal performance during this busy time of year.

Avoid Decorations on the Thermostat

While the thermostat may seem like an ideal point to hang certain holiday decorations within your home, resist the urge here. Hanging something on the thermostat may prevent it from responding appropriately to temperature changes, which can ruin your system’s performance — and make you more uncomfortable as a result.

You see, the thermostat is constantly reading the temperature inside your home, sending that reading to the HVAC system. If something is covering the thermostat on this end of things, it can’t read the temperature properly — and thus will work harder to ensure you have proper comfort throughout your holiday celebrations.

Keep Vents Clear

Another decoration-related item: Be sure to keep all vents free of obstruction. If you’ve hung tinsel or other decorations around vents, the air won’t be able to flow through as easily — causing your system to work harder, and costing you more money in the long run.

This will also lead to inconsistent temperatures, which will leave you feeling uncomfortable — and might even be dangerous, if it’s cold enough to freeze, for example. If that happens, your pipes could burst — which would cause major damage.

HVAC Maintenance

If your HVAC system has not already undergone seasonal HVAC maintenance this year, it’s time to do so. Not only will this ensure your system works properly when you need it most — with the holidays here and more cold spells possible in the months ahead — but it can also save you money on utility bills, which is always a positive outcome.

We recommend working with certified technicians who use the latest in modern techniques, such as our team. For more on this or any other area of holiday HVAC preparation in Tempe, speak to the team at Accurate Air today.

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