Heat Pump Shooting Cold Air: HVAC Technician Needs

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on why your home’s heat pump might be blowing cold air instead of warm. While a couple of these cases might actually signal simple areas homeowners can handle on their own, several others indicate larger problems that require the attention of an HVAC specialist.

At Accurate Air, we’re proud to provide a wide range of HVAC services, including heating repair and other solutions for furnaces, heat pumps and any other heating components in your home or building. What are some of the other heat pump issues that may be causing it to spit out cold air instead of hot air, and how will our HVAC technicians assist you with remedying these concerns? Here are some basics to be aware of.

Leaking Refrigerant

In certain cases, the heat pump may be leaking refrigerant. While refrigerant is best known as a product that’s used for air conditioning, it is also found in heat pumps for heating purposes.

If there’s even a slight chance this is the problem, such as if you notice a chemical liquid leaking near the heat pump, you should call our HVAC professionals immediately. Heat pump refrigerant is a potentially hazardous and dangerous substance that should not be handled by those without professional training – in fact, the EPA requires this by law. Not only are you putting yourself and your home at risk if you attempt to repair a refrigerant leak without training, you’re committing a crime.

Reversing Valve Issue

Within the heat pump, the reversing valve is one that’s responsible for reversing the flow of refrigerant. This refrigerant may be used for both heating and cooling needs, but the system needs to be able to switch back and forth.

If the reversing valve is faulty, however, this switch won’t be possible. You’ll end up stuck in cooling mode, with the inability to switch to heating. This is another area that requires professional training to remedy.

Other Efficiency Issues and Maintenance

There are a few other efficiency-related situations where the heat pump will begin pumping cold air, including when it simply hasn’t been serviced in long enough. Just like furnaces, heat pumps should be serviced at least once a year, if not more often, by a qualified HVAC technician – not only will this prevent issues like cold air creation from taking place, it will extend the lifespan of the heat pump itself. The small costs you pay for regular inspection and maintenance from our HVAC team pale in comparison to the cost of a replacement heat pump or a new air conditioner, and our services help you avoid these risks.

For more on how to address issues where your heat pump is leaking cold air, or to learn about any of our heating or cooling services, speak to the staff at Accurate Air today.

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